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Hope that our lives will touch one another
creating a better understanding and acceptance of cultural
differences. May a rainbow of hope embrace over all
humanity as we are all one people.

Light up the environment to enhance learning, reading,
teaching and spiritual well-being. Creating a brighter
future through knowledge.

Communicating through the written word gives us the
opportunity to have empathy, tolerance, appreciation and
understanding of one another. Through books and read-
ing, knowledge is power to learning and understanding
about the world around us and the people in it. Knowl
edge is the key to informed decision making.

We can take pride in knowing we can extend a helping
hand and reach out to another part of the world and make
a difference in the lives of other people. Supporting one
another in a spirit of friendship,
compassion and unity.

The Light 4 Learning Pledge

“We come together in friendship and support one another to make a difference in the lives of the people in Nova Scotia and Uganda.  Love everybody.”

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