What we do

Uganda Accomplishments

Light 4 Learning raises funds through various activities and events which enables us to provide schools in rural Uganda with solar-powered lighting. We are proud to support the people in the rural district of Sheema, Uganda, East Africa.

Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa for its beauty and abundant wildlife.  Uganda is a small country in East Africa and one of the poorest countries in the world.  The population is over 49 million with about 44% under the age of 14.  Approx. 5 million people are disabled.

Since Light 4 Learning began in 2005, we have provided Uganda with:

  • Solar power to 23 primary school
  • An inverter system along with much needed medical equipment and malaria nets for the Bugongi Health Centre
  • A 6-light solar system to the Greater Grace Orphanage
  • 50 rocket stoves (cook stoves) for 50 families
  • 10 sewing machines for the women of Sheema District
  • Food relief during COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Food, medical equipment, and clothing for families with disabilities
  • School fees for our student Linnet, who can be seen in the second image of the slideshow
  • 3 micro-loans to individuals with disabilities or families with a family member with a disability: Our first loan recipient is a gentleman who is blind.  He purchased 4 goats that will provide food and future income

We are proud to support the people of Uganda.

Nova Scotia Accomplishments

We also recognize the many needs here in our own community. The home base of Light 4 Learning Society is Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada.  Located on the shore of the Bay of Fundy with its northeastern part forming the western shore of the Minas Basin,  Kings County is Nova Scotia’s agricultural heartland and is celebrated for its wineries.

Each year the group has chosen a local charity to support, we have:

  • Made a financial donation to the Canning Food Bank, which provides emergency food to families in need
  • Donated 52 pairs of gloves to Open Arms, a Christian ministry offering help and hope by meeting the basic needs of our neighbours
  • Made a financial donation to Blessings in a Backpack, which ensures school-aged children have food to eat on the weekend, backpacks are filled with healthy snacks for the children to take home on the weekend
  • Made a financial donation to Annapolis Valley Frugal Moms, a Christmas Family Project that provides a place for frugal moms/parents to come together to share information and provide outreach and support throughout the communities

We are proud to support the people of our community.